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Tulsa Urban Ministry

Contact Church of Christ

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Ron Babbit has served at Contact in Tulsa since before it was Contact. The mission of Contact: “Serving to make disciples of Jesus by planting seeds of HOPE and a FUTURE.” 

Ron’s life is a lesson in what it looks like to truly “Love your neighbor.”

Check out the Contact Mission website at: contactmission.org

Brazil - Goncalves

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We thank our gracious God for your support!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2020!

- Antenor and Phyllis

Brazil - Kaiser

     Mark and Ali Kaiser have served in Itu, Brazil for the past eleven years, along with her parents, Phyllis and Antenor Gonçalves. They have recently welcomed son, Liam, into their family and life of ministry.

     Mark and Ali founded and lead an organization that provides housing and job training for individuals who were previously homeless and struggling with addiction.

     The Kaisers are happy to join us for this visit to Ridgecrest, and we are certainly happy to have them here!  (February 3, 2019)